Certification and Accreditation

Quality Systems

Committed to zero defect processes

qualityBiotech Laboratories considers maintaining quality as a continuous practice that involves right people, right procedures, right education and right equipment. As a policy, the lab monitors performance quality in all its procedures and identifies opportunities for further improvements. The best-in-class practices follow strict internal standards that effectively enhance performance, thereby reducing both technical and human errors.

External quality assurance systems:

  • External quality control certificates (BIORAD, EQAS and Thermo Fisher)
  • ISO 9001-2005 Certified
  • Investigations are carried out according to the New Guidelines of the German Bundesaerztekammer
  • Online expert opinion
  • International collaborations in research, especially in Hepatitis.

Internal quality assurance systems:

  • Hi-tech equipments ensuring precise results
  • Internal Bar-Coding system for accurate identification.
  • Specially trained collectors ensuring non-contamination and ideal maintenance of biological samples
  • All analyses and results are of WHO-FDA or at least CE Standards (calibrations, standards and quality control)
  • Laboratory management and data management are fully computerized.
  • Sophisticated logistics preserving the samples integrity at the time of collection and during their transport
  • Expertise at all working levels.







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